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Afternoon Escape…

Posted by Fortnight on June 15th, 2015 at 7:30 pm

This is what some of you do to escape the black hole of working all the time:

Try to stay positive and focused, have children (the best way to make sure you stay focused on what is really important in life), plan for the next adventure, stretching, making tea for everyone at work,  climbing or drinking (or both), cooking, cleaning, Guerrilla Meditation, spend time in the garden, get a dog to force you out of the house, visit a cafe every week and read something that makes you laugh, do not use mobile technology away from the office, turn of all electronic devices for a bit and have a cup of tea and a good laugh, go on bike rides in the warmer weather, do some gardening, go to the cinema or to live entertainment, join in with Fortnight(!), make sure you have plenty of leisure time, have nights out with friends, take city breaks, go to gigs, split your lunch break into two to make the day feel quicker, fill your spare time with hobbies and plans so you have things to look forward to, receive cat-snuggles, have a good amount of tea and cake, plenty of baking, have a long lovely conversation with a fellow enthusiast, an early morning run with the dew, birdsong and the sun rising, have a catch up on missed dramas with a nice cup of tea and a piece of toast in an empty house and every day list ten things you are grateful for. Some of you create wonderlands or celebrity-based theme parks to entertain yourselves!

For some of you, you work hard and play hard (plan your work, work your plan!), and some of you simply push on through and continue working… The advice from many of you who do this is to do a job you love, to follow your dreams and let the rest follow (or retire early!).

Some of you sing, some of you dance and some of you volunteer your spare hours to others in need. Falling in love seems popular amongst you as does a treat-related incentive scheme to make it through the day.

Many of you are still trying to find that balance (as one of you delicately put it, the black hole is a second home to you!)  A good work/life balance is key. It seems that being in the company of Nottingham locals is a good motivator for some of you. There are many tricks there which can be adopted by others. A new repository for you to delve in to every time you’re struggling somewhat after a relaxing weekend. Advice has been offered to you from your fellow Fortnighters to consider yoga, meditation and exercise to help you focus and concentrate on yourself. Turn. Off. Wifi. And allow ‘future you’ to deal with the problem tomorrow.

If you fancy some time to pontificate and haven’t managed the poster task at New Art Exchange, there’s still time! The poster is in situ until Thursday at 5pm.

Or perhaps it’s time to get on board the Nottingham Fortnight Tube or think about an exciting Fortnight event… If you haven’t rsvp’d please do (and remember to add any dietary requirements you might have!)



Enjoy your night whatever you choose do with it.




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