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Nottingham Billboards

Posted by Fortnight on June 16th, 2015 at 8:30 pm

Today, some of you imagined Billboards with your image on them. There was a plea to become a poster girl for a mermaid amusement park like Weeki Wachee Springs Park. There were aspirations of having enviably glossy and swishy hair, to be the face of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (or failing that, a grown up Milky Bar Kid), to be painted on the side of a barn or the gable end of a tenement building. There was the hope of some alliteration in the form of inspirational quotes (“Hone in on happiness”, “Ponder on the positive”, “Make Merry”) to be located in less exciting environments; train stations, buses, airports.

At Trent Bridge Cricket Ground there would be a larger than life billboard of one of you sporting your Notts Outlaws cap, whilst a duet would be played out high above New York City with one of you and Columbus the duck; Columbus did discover America, of course – perfect!

Interestingly, one of you would want that large billboard to carry the slogan “I’m always watching you!!” and then another one further down the street saying “I’m still watching you!!”… although legally, there could be complications…

Hanging about in London would also see one of your faces advertising a move to New England or ‘Tea’. There was also a wish for the creator of a wondrous and original graphic novel to be credited as such on a movie billboard.

There were a number of you who hoped never to appear anywhere as a larger than life image, and many who would only hope to promote something which you deemed positive and inspirational (with the benefits of Fully Automated Luxury Communism leading the way perhaps…)

Hopes of your face touring the streets of Nottingham on the side of a bus pleased a couple of you and one of you, given the chance, would be placed on a billboard in another country for their friends and family to see their beaming face each day.

A lot of Fortnight faces could potentially start looming across the billboards of the city…

Also today, some of you began RSVP’ing for this weekend…if you haven’t yet, please do so soon….a party is only as good as the people who attend. 





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  2. Kendalkitten |

    Interesting concept. One I can say I’ve never once considered as it would never be a possibility. But now that you say it is – my image on a billboard a reality….
    So, I’m seeing my image everywhere, on a 1984 Big Brother scale, not sure for what purpose.
    Maybe that’s just my subconscious explaining to me how my image on a billboard would make me feel… would feel like it was everywhere, and it would feel so big, and would feel so oppressive. Has made me wonder how the celebrity copes and what their subconscious says to them when they see themselves on billboards. Horses for courses…..