What Happened

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Today, there have been a lot of worried Fortnighters anticipating the end before it has happened.

There have been delicate, thoughtful responses to what your day was like yesterday (many child-filled houses).

There have been some tears and there have been some dirty SMS jokes.

There have been some missed communications and some carrier pigeons.

Tonight, Nottingham is ripening up for the weekend.

Tomorrow, everyone meets and the anticipation is almost unbearable for some of you…

Happy Friday!


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Some of you don’t believe there ever was a time before mobile phones, or at least you can’t remember (or imagine) it. Some of you feel like your phone traps you – makes you overly reachable. There have been memories of the ‘emergency’ 10p (or 2p in some cases!) for the phone box and the sadness of being informed by your friends’ parents that they weren’t ‘allowed out to play’ after you had walked a great length to ask. A couple of you relish the adventure of using your memory, of asking others the way and discovering something new along the way. Others feel freed by the phone (free to be late, to reschedule, to get lost and then found). But a lot of you find you are looking down more, these days, than you are looking up.

Look up. Look up. Look up!

Before mobile phones, meetings were kept. People were on time, or if they were late, something bad had happened. Before mobile phones google did not exist, gps was mainly for military purposes, and felt badges certainly did not contain magic.

On the subject of maps, many of you are of the digital persuasion, while some prefer the fragility of bits of paper that can be lost and then found again.

Today is day eleven and there have been many maps, many ducks, many photos, many chance encounters. There are three more days left to make the most of Fortnight. Hope you will find your way to The Primary on Saturday…




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It is a quiet Wednesday and Nottingham is looming under Twilight after a day of warmth, cloud and a little sunshine peeping through.

Since Fortnight began, underneath the filtered light of the fading days, people in felt badges have been wandering into Galleries, Hotels, Cafes, Parks, Theatres and Private Libraries, looking for something that they might have yet to notice has been there all along. They sent messages to people they have not spoken to in many years. They sent their voice into the ether, wondering if anyone was on the other side of the line. They filtered through cards looking for the perfect image to remind them of someone (and they stole a few for later, too).


In a few hours, the mid light of the city will be replaced with dark and, with darkness, reflection or merry-making. Someone in a bar might ask someone else why they want to go to the moon and how they think they will get there. Another person might come up with the idea to pool the combined savings of all their friends to hire a ship to take them all away to some place else… some place where magic still exists.

In a few hours, it will be well and truly night time. The birds will go to sleep (except the owls, who will wake). The foxes will roam the streets. Someone will swap their shoes with someone else.

Wednesday is fading…

To browse over how others have chosen to spend their hours of daylight, feel free to check out the ‘Maps’ section of the website. Wherever you have encountered a Fortnight poster asking you who you are and why you are here, your answer is plotted on an online map. Have a look to see who and for what reasons people have passed the same locations as you have.


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Today, some of you imagined Billboards with your image on them. There was a plea to become a poster girl for a mermaid amusement park like Weeki Wachee Springs Park. There were aspirations of having enviably glossy and swishy hair, to be the face of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (or failing that, a grown up Milky Bar Kid), to be painted on the side of a barn or the gable end of a tenement building. There was the hope of some alliteration in the form of inspirational quotes (“Hone in on happiness”, “Ponder on the positive”, “Make Merry”) to be located in less exciting environments; train stations, buses, airports.

At Trent Bridge Cricket Ground there would be a larger than life billboard of one of you sporting your Notts Outlaws cap, whilst a duet would be played out high above New York City with one of you and Columbus the duck; Columbus did discover America, of course – perfect!

Interestingly, one of you would want that large billboard to carry the slogan “I’m always watching you!!” and then another one further down the street saying “I’m still watching you!!”… although legally, there could be complications…

Hanging about in London would also see one of your faces advertising a move to New England or ‘Tea’. There was also a wish for the creator of a wondrous and original graphic novel to be credited as such on a movie billboard.

There were a number of you who hoped never to appear anywhere as a larger than life image, and many who would only hope to promote something which you deemed positive and inspirational (with the benefits of Fully Automated Luxury Communism leading the way perhaps…)

Hopes of your face touring the streets of Nottingham on the side of a bus pleased a couple of you and one of you, given the chance, would be placed on a billboard in another country for their friends and family to see their beaming face each day.

A lot of Fortnight faces could potentially start looming across the billboards of the city…

Also today, some of you began RSVP’ing for this weekend…if you haven’t yet, please do so soon….a party is only as good as the people who attend. 





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This is what some of you do to escape the black hole of working all the time:

Try to stay positive and focused, have children (the best way to make sure you stay focused on what is really important in life), plan for the next adventure, stretching, making tea for everyone at work,  climbing or drinking (or both), cooking, cleaning, Guerrilla Meditation, spend time in the garden, get a dog to force you out of the house, visit a cafe every week and read something that makes you laugh, do not use mobile technology away from the office, turn of all electronic devices for a bit and have a cup of tea and a good laugh, go on bike rides in the warmer weather, do some gardening, go to the cinema or to live entertainment, join in with Fortnight(!), make sure you have plenty of leisure time, have nights out with friends, take city breaks, go to gigs, split your lunch break into two to make the day feel quicker, fill your spare time with hobbies and plans so you have things to look forward to, receive cat-snuggles, have a good amount of tea and cake, plenty of baking, have a long lovely conversation with a fellow enthusiast, an early morning run with the dew, birdsong and the sun rising, have a catch up on missed dramas with a nice cup of tea and a piece of toast in an empty house and every day list ten things you are grateful for. Some of you create wonderlands or celebrity-based theme parks to entertain yourselves!

For some of you, you work hard and play hard (plan your work, work your plan!), and some of you simply push on through and continue working… The advice from many of you who do this is to do a job you love, to follow your dreams and let the rest follow (or retire early!).

Some of you sing, some of you dance and some of you volunteer your spare hours to others in need. Falling in love seems popular amongst you as does a treat-related incentive scheme to make it through the day.

Many of you are still trying to find that balance (as one of you delicately put it, the black hole is a second home to you!)  A good work/life balance is key. It seems that being in the company of Nottingham locals is a good motivator for some of you. There are many tricks there which can be adopted by others. A new repository for you to delve in to every time you’re struggling somewhat after a relaxing weekend. Advice has been offered to you from your fellow Fortnighters to consider yoga, meditation and exercise to help you focus and concentrate on yourself. Turn. Off. Wifi. And allow ‘future you’ to deal with the problem tomorrow.

If you fancy some time to pontificate and haven’t managed the poster task at New Art Exchange, there’s still time! The poster is in situ until Thursday at 5pm.

Or perhaps it’s time to get on board the Nottingham Fortnight Tube or think about an exciting Fortnight event… If you haven’t rsvp’d please do (and remember to add any dietary requirements you might have!)



Enjoy your night whatever you choose do with it.




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Sometimes time can feel as if it is hanging… the moment before something wonderful or terrible happens can last far longer than the clock tells us. These moments of suspended time, where we are locked in a never-ending moment, are little windows into another way of experiencing the world.

Sometimes, we need to invent our own little pockets of time to encourage a seeing, being, living that is somehow more full than it might have otherwise been. It is possible that watching a sunset, looking up at the sky to see the sun falling behind the skyline, might be a good way to try and make space for seeing.

Last night, some of you saw a view you’ve likely seen before, from a place you’ve possibly been before. Hopefully, it was different this time. If not, maybe it will be next time…



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Some of you had a lazy Saturday that involved taking a nap, travelling on a new bus route, or avoiding the long list of to-dos on your list which may or may not have involved ridding yourselves of hangovers! There have been fortuitous meetings between ducks and people, some ducks lost and some ducks found. Many ducks have skipped off to London for the day- perhaps they saw one another?

It is late Saturday, early Sunday, and Fortnight is nearly at the halfway point. More messages to come, all of them personal, all of them can be replied to. Sometimes Fortnight sleeps, but even then, the messages arrive safe and sound. Sometimes people get confused, people get lost and mistakes are made but that just proves how much love, effort and detail are involved in this very real, very live, and very fluid engagement with being here now.

Tonight the sky will fade in to darkness, and although the heavens have invariably been open most of the day, the Hopkinson Tea Room has kept you warm enough for tea with strangers and cake for lunch.

Invitations have started to arrive for something exciting next week, while tomorrow a small, fleeting gathering to toast the week will happen in a park in honour of the sun fading in to the night. Come, tomorrow, expecting to see each other and not worrying about anything but enjoying the sounds and smiling faces. Hopefully, the weather will allow a chance to see the sun set over Nottingham after a very intriguing week.


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The jury is out on what the best way to pay for Nottingham’s new mood-based-state-of-mind-inducing underground system.

Some think it should be free, while others reckon somewhere between 1p (for your thoughts) and £100 a ride, the use of your Oyster Card or, a smile and some manners… Maybe you would just have to share a precious memory or undertake a kind act that makes you confront a prejudice you may hold. Possibly a piece of your life would have to be exchanged for a ride or simply the use of your favourite word. A random act of kindness, a ‘good deed’, a hug, a polite hello, or a sweet smile or just a twinkle in your eye. A pint of Guinness, two daisy chains, a story,  tuppence, two bob, a sliding scale depending on the state of mind, whatever you can afford, helping someone out, kindness coupons, getting something off your chest, a pony and a bag of hooves, pay it forward on the return trip, offering to teach something to someone in exchange, donations, train driving shifts could all be an option  for this transport system in exchange for a journey. It has been mooted that the charge might be a pair of ‘happy feet’ insoles, or that the council or the government should be paying, that your time is cost enough.


On that map, would be stops called happy, peaceful, confident, patient, accepting, relaxed, tranquility, elation, solitude, rage, contentment, fitting in, having a dreamy sleep, laid back, decisiveness, adventurousness, focussed, fluffinity, success, achievement, failure, enlightenment, disappointment, passion, excitement, despair, hope, elation, clarity, grounded mindfulness, ecstatic reverie, crystal clear ‘hyperperception’, joy, laughter, glee, sadness, determination, calm, exhilaration, socialisation, contemplation, empathetic, struggle, laughter, frustration, carefree, complicity, closeness, inner-peace, relief, refreshment, remembrance and inspiration. You might drop off at Forget-the-world, intellectual stimulation, bitter-sweet-melancholy, toffee-apple-joy and fresh-mint-clarity. Whimsical, reflective, movie freak, energised, anger, confusion, adventure, satiation, convivial, alive, creativity, curiosity, focus, mindless-distraction, nostalgia, me-time, escape, sanctuary, despair, space and cloud 9.

There are many more, but not all are on the map yet.

Where do these places belong on the physical map of Nottingham? Where is courage in Nottingham? Where is tolerance? Where is pathos? It’s your map… you decide.

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According to many of you, today slipped by with a rather dark undertone and for others it tripped by like the light fantastic, through streets which inevitably met one another in a reassuring circuit. There was a lot of talk about love(s); old and new. There were many adventures with ducks and queues to imagine an opera from the past and many of you soaked up the sun as you walked.

Tonight, you are:

Reflecting… Belly dancing… Seeing Rob Green at Rough Trade… At choir practice… Eating curry at Dishoom… Swimming… Drinking beer in the sunshine… Editing on the computer… Relaxing with a glass of wine in the garden… Building a fire and cooking some meat… Having a chippy tea, knitting and catching up with Fortnight… Praising the removal of a Leylandii Hedge… Sitting on George Green’s grave… Sitting outside eating home made Bolognese… Packing up to move out… Sitting on the sofa… Enjoying a meal with friends… Enjoying the breeze… Eating chilli with a glass of red… Head to the allotment to watch the sun set… Curled up watching iPlayer… Off to the theatre… Having a chat with a great nephew… Heading to the National Video Games Centre… Cracking on with Duckumentation… Having cocktails with friends… Having a BBQ… Watching Jurassic Park… Walking dogs and ducks… Teaching young people to act like old fools… Volunteering for Childline… Eating a take away… Driving to Surrey… Late night badger watching… Catching up with loved ones after time apart… Catching up with old friends… Riding new bikes… Eating Shepherds Pie… Plantingred brussel sprouts…

Tonight you will be invited to something which you’re holding the date for…

…So keep your eye on your inbox.

In the meantime, what do you do to keep things whole? How do you survive when the world is against you? What is your strategy? Feel free to comment below.


PS. If you haven’t experienced the task at New Art Exchange, please be aware of  ‘shutter-gate’! Best get in there before you’re locked out. You can see the opening hours here: http://www.nae.org.uk

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In the film of Nottingham today the sun beamed relentlessly, despite the brisk wind, causing the camera operators a little difficulty (light can be trixy to avoid). They did however manage to get decent shots of the following scenes:

1. A reconsideration of Nottingham bees.

2. An old Hollywood leading man in an incident with an awful lot of custard.

3. The hope that everyone is actually playing a part currently, and that someday someone will yell ‘CUT’ to allow a fresh start.

4. An enigmatic soloist takes her power ballad finale by storm (aided by an incredibly large wind machine).

5. A Dungaree-clad Felicity Kendal making re-runs of ‘The Good Life’.


6. A road traffic accident averted, involving an excited passenger, a large duck and a panicky driver.

7. The dubious farewell to a life well known and the joyous welcome of the road less travelled.

8. Hypomania induced by a sugar rush.

9. The watching of screens until something special clicks in place…


10. Shuttershock which left thousands stranded and baffled.


Quite a day and more scenes still to be shot. What was your favourite scene of the film of Nottingham today?