What is Fortnight?

Short answer: a two-week long performance experience located in the spaces, technologies and occurrences of our daily lives.

Slightly longer answer: Fortnight is about how experience creates meaning; and how a small change in perspective creates a massive change in outlook; a bespoke exploration of where we live and how we go about our daily lives.

Fortnight is being created by Proto-type Theater.

Fortnight is a Nuffield NewWorks Commission from Nuffield Theatre Lancaster. Commissioned by Mayfest and Watershed. Fortnight was a 2010 Theatre Sandbox Commission in partnership with the Bristol Old Vic and has been co-commissioned by Contact Theatre. Fortnight has received support from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Is this a city game then?

Nope. The experience shares elements of Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) such as intense personal involvement, genuine geographical locations within a city and use of pervasive media but Fortnight is not a game. There may be elements that seem mysterious or opportunities to take part in tasks but we are using these elements to unfold the experience for you gradually rather than dumping  the whole thing in your lap on day one. Think of it as an unfolding narrative or turning the pages of a really good story that’s got you in it. At no point will we ask you to slay a virtual dragon or complete a mission in order to power-boost to the next level.


How do I opt-out?

Please send an email to us with the subject line ‘opt-out of FORTNIGHT’. If you can provide us with any information on why you are opting-out then we would really appreciate the feedback.


Can I reply to messages I receive during the course of the project?

Please do, in fact some of them will ask you to.


I’ve seen the posters, can I reply to more than one?

Anyone can reply to any of these posters at any time, whether they’ve signed-up to the project or not. Please feel free to reply to them whenever and wherever you find them.


I think I’m missing a vital piece of information or else something has gone wrong, can you help?

Firstly, don’t panic. If you think you’ve missed something and we haven’t noticed then you can use the Discussion/Help page of this website (this is a good place to post if you think your info could be useful to other participants) or you can email us or send an SMS to the standard Fortnight SMS number that you’ve been receiving texts from and we’ll help you right away. Please do report any glitches to us, all feedback is immensely useful.


I’m having trouble with my phone/email/other piece of technology, can you help?

Again, please use the Discussion/Help page of this website, email us or send us an SMS.


I need to change my details with you, how should I do this?

To ensure privacy, please email us. The quicker you notify us of any changes, the quicker we can alter our records and keep you involved.


I’ve been asked to be somewhere by you at an allotted time and I now can’t make it, what should I do?

All of the daily invitations are really optional. There are events whose dates you were given in your registration email that it would be ideal for you to attend. If you aren’t able to attend, that’s okay.


I broke/lost/burned with fire that thing you gave me, how can I get another one?

Let us know asap on email or SMS and we’ll be in touch.


I don’t have a QR Code Reader. Do I need one, and if so, where do I get one?

A QR Code Reader is not essential for Fortnight, but they can be fun. There are a lot of different places to get them/download them for free, and many companies make them. We recommend the one made by i-nigma, which you can get for free online. If you have a smart phone, you can download a QR Reader from your application store. There are alternative ways to access all the QR code content that does not require a QR Reader, although having one is a bit sexier!


How do I get the ‘Secrets’ passwords?

In the words of Baloo the bear ‘they’ll come to you…’.


I have some feedback for you, where shall I send it?

Please send anything you’ve got to us via email or SMS  we want it all! Feedback is amazingly useful to us in shaping and improving future iterations of Fortnight.


I have an question that isn’t answered here, should I use the discussion page of this website or via email?

Whatever you prefer. We are checking email and watching the discussion page, so it is really up to you.

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