Messages in Bottles

Whilst some messages are private, others are thrown out into the world for anyone to receive.

Write your message below in the comments – a digital bottle on an electronic sea.

7 Responses to Messages in Bottles



  2. Since Tuesday I’ve pretty much had the theme tune from ‘DuckTales’ in my head. Weird how something can vanish from your memory for ages, and when it returns it sticks.

    • As soon as I read the word ‘Duck Tales’ my inner voice joined in with “awoohoo!”.

      So thank you, Nicholas, for my own theme tune of the day!

    • Nicholas, why, why! Why did you mention this? I now have an earworm which will probably stick for days….
      “Duck Tales, woohoohoo…”
      “evil voice on” Hmmm, I am going to infect my friends tonight… Hahahahaaa! “evil voice off”