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Quiet Wednesday

Posted by Fortnight on June 17th, 2015 at 8:30 pm

It is a quiet Wednesday and Nottingham is looming under Twilight after a day of warmth, cloud and a little sunshine peeping through.

Since Fortnight began, underneath the filtered light of the fading days, people in felt badges have been wandering into Galleries, Hotels, Cafes, Parks, Theatres and Private Libraries, looking for something that they might have yet to notice has been there all along. They sent messages to people they have not spoken to in many years. They sent their voice into the ether, wondering if anyone was on the other side of the line. They filtered through cards looking for the perfect image to remind them of someone (and they stole a few for later, too).


In a few hours, the mid light of the city will be replaced with dark and, with darkness, reflection or merry-making. Someone in a bar might ask someone else why they want to go to the moon and how they think they will get there. Another person might come up with the idea to pool the combined savings of all their friends to hire a ship to take them all away to some place else… some place where magic still exists.

In a few hours, it will be well and truly night time. The birds will go to sleep (except the owls, who will wake). The foxes will roam the streets. Someone will swap their shoes with someone else.

Wednesday is fading…

To browse over how others have chosen to spend their hours of daylight, feel free to check out the ‘Maps’ section of the website. Wherever you have encountered a Fortnight poster asking you who you are and why you are here, your answer is plotted on an online map. Have a look to see who and for what reasons people have passed the same locations as you have.