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The time before mobile phones

Posted by Fortnight on June 18th, 2015 at 8:30 pm



Some of you don’t believe there ever was a time before mobile phones, or at least you can’t remember (or imagine) it. Some of you feel like your phone traps you – makes you overly reachable. There have been memories of the ‘emergency’ 10p (or 2p in some cases!) for the phone box and the sadness of being informed by your friends’ parents that they weren’t ‘allowed out to play’ after you had walked a great length to ask. A couple of you relish the adventure of using your memory, of asking others the way and discovering something new along the way. Others feel freed by the phone (free to be late, to reschedule, to get lost and then found). But a lot of you find you are looking down more, these days, than you are looking up.

Look up. Look up. Look up!

Before mobile phones, meetings were kept. People were on time, or if they were late, something bad had happened. Before mobile phones google did not exist, gps was mainly for military purposes, and felt badges certainly did not contain magic.

On the subject of maps, many of you are of the digital persuasion, while some prefer the fragility of bits of paper that can be lost and then found again.

Today is day eleven and there have been many maps, many ducks, many photos, many chance encounters. There are three more days left to make the most of Fortnight. Hope you will find your way to The Primary on Saturday…




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  2. Nobody NEEDS a mobile phone and the world wouldn’t end if all the networks died tomorrow – though it would admittedly make our Fortnight tasks a little harder to track, and the poor elves would have to hand deliver to our letter boxes every morning!!! I have my mobile on silent all day every day, just check it at lunchtime/evening. HATE folks having them on their desks in the office, nothing really is that urgent, we all got by without them 20 odd years ago and we very easily could again – life would simply adapt! I will always refuse to have emails linked to my phone – they are for the office, while personal ones can wait until I get home. Life’s for living, not constantly being at everyone’s beck and call. It’s as if no one dares to switch off in case they miss something . . . really???
    Night all, time to log off and shut down for a few hours! :-)